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2016 — current

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2009 — current

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Hi there 👋, this is Robbert Mastebroek speaking. I'm a 27 year old designer from The Netherlands. I started studying graphic design when I was 15 – and opened shop as a freelance designer a year later. Eight years (and some design degrees) later I joined MediaMonks, the world’s most awarded creative digital agency, creating digital experiences and platforms for the world's largest brands.

Some random facts

🍎 Apple fanboy since the Macintosh Performa 📲 Always counting down to the next iPhone ( days to go!) 🥁 Drummer (my neighbours love me) 🤡 Known as the MemeMonk within MediaMonks 🎒 Never seen in public without his backpack ✊ Fighting for better user-privacy in the world of advertising 👟 Co-created the sneaker-brand TŌ 👨‍💻 Spent 40% of his life as a freelance designer


Media Design
Graphic Design specialty
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht
Graduated in 2013

Communication and Multimedia Design
User Experience and Service Design specialty
University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
Graduated in 2017

Minor Co-Design
Environmental and Collaborative Design
University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
Graduated in 2017

I worked with

adidas Airbnb Bose Cartoon Network Facebook Novi General Electric Google Heineken HP Jacobs Douwe Egberts LEGO McLaren F1 Nederlandse Spoorwegen Netflix NPO Oculus Red Bull SAMSUNG Tommy Hilfiger Viacom Weber

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I'm available for freelance work: I like helping organisations, start ups and brands – both small and big – with design challenges and digital strategies. If you're in for a good talk, here's how to get to me:
MediaMonks, 2020
Digital Designer

At MediaMonks, we redesigned the platform, preparing it for the big launch of the groundbreaking, all-in-one Oculus Quest 2 headset. As the main designer on the MediaMonks' Amsterdam team, I collaborated with our creative teams (fellow designers, copywriters, creatives, etc.) in Melbourne, New York and Los Angeles, enabling a unique 24 hour per day production structure for our client. Over several weeks, we went from pitch and exploration to final delivery of the final platform, in close collaboration with the team over at Oculus.

Team credits: Alexander Otto (Creative Director), Benjamin Tuffy (Design Director), Vanessa Lai (Creative), Joey Serxner (Copywriter), Fernanda Gonzalez (UX Designer), Kervin Morales (Designer, New York), Natalie Acheampong (Producer)

MediaMonks, 2019

With the MediaMonks team we helped HP design and launch a new platform for their OMEN gaming brand. OMEN is a brand for everyone - and the website needed to reflect that. Where most gaming websites are dark and often feel inaccessible to non-gamers, the OMEN website is light and filled with playful interactive elements and cheeky copywriting, appealing to gamers regardless of skill level.

Team credits: Bas Strien (lead designer)

PinDirect by Cyber&Mason
Freelance, 2020
Brand Design

PinDirect – one of the Netherlands' leading PIN / payment service providers, tasked me with one of my biggest corporate redesign projects. In a relatively short time span of 1.5 months, I was tasked to completely redesign their brand including a new logo, stationary, custom icon set, business cards, invoices, packaging, stickering, online display ads, email marketing and outdoor advertising.

The logo (an evolution of the brand's previous mark), brand elements (patterns, icons) and supporting colors are inspired by the buttons of a payment terminal. Each element of the brand was extensively described in a brand book, so the PinDirect team and external agencies can apply the new guidelines correctly and consistently.
MediaMonks, 2018

With the MediaMonks team, I was fortunate enough to help Viacom develop a punchy, new corporate website right when they were in the middle of launching a rebrand. Corporate websites often play it safe, but we wanted to make Viacom’s site just as much fun to explore as Viacom’s networks are to watch, which often push envelopes with a playfully rebellious attitude. A big part of this process was to highlight Viacom’s massive library of great content. To achieve this, we implemented several fun interactions and tactile elements into the design. We call this “cherry content,” named after the “cherry on top” of a cake or sundae. This unobtrusive content serves to prove and support the value proposition that brands put forward, allowing users to choose to scroll by or dive deeper by interacting with it directly.

In 2021, Viacom got rebranded to ViacomCBS. This also meant the website had to be completely redesigned – a project I had the honor to lead the design direction and production of.

Webby Award winner

Team credits: Artur Dias (lead designer), Bas Strien (pitch design concepts)

Logos and marks
Freelance (2011 — current)

A selection of recent(ish) logos I created – often part of a bigger rebranding effort. For all these projects I was either the lead designer on the project, and/or advising the company on its rebranding. Hover over each logo to see the project date.

L'OR Espresso
MediaMonks, 2017

With the MediaMonks team, we worked on the UX and Design of a new E-Commerce platform for the L'OR Espresso brand. Besides designing the full e-commerce flow — from account pages to check-out layouts — captivating landing pages were created for new product launches.

Team credits: Jose Sebastian (lead designer) mobile platform
MediaMonks, 2016

MediaMonks was approached to create a bold front-end design for the global platform. The design, built around the launch of their new wireless headphones, shows the company’s obsession with sound and technology. I got tasked with transforming the beautifully crafted desktop designs of key pages, such as the home page, product detail pages, category pages and campaign pages into great mobile experiences.

Credits: Bas Strien (lead designer)

adidas F50 (concept)
MediaMonks, 2015

“Design a responsive splash page for the (fictional) release of the adidas F50 shoe by adidas and Lionel Messi”: This short and sweet brief is what you’ll get when applying for an internship at MediaMonks. So that’s what I did. In a weekend’s work, I designed both desktop and mobile designs. Since the product features such striking colors, I decided to base the design on just that. Brightly colored powders, imagery and UI elements on top of a dark background create great contrast and really make the colors – and thus the product – stand out.

Product images © adidas group

MediaMonks, 2017

Browsing random Airbnb listings is fun, but there are better ways of finding out about your next travel destination. Meet Airbnbmag: Airbnb’s magazine MediaMonks was tasked to design based on the Airbnbmag print version. Every month, a selection of amazing, long read articles were transformed into beautiful online experiences. As the designed of mainly the articles, I got the honor of designing a couple of articles and creating a styleguide to make sure all feature articles are consistent in look and feel.

Credits: Matias Jansen (design director)

Freelance, 2016
Design, Illustration

LeadLogic is a young, bright team of online marketers from The Netherlands. To easily show and explain their unique way of working to potential clients, the company asked me to design a brochure that will truly stand out in their field; Something clients won’t throw away after the meeting. In stead of showing boring charts, dull content and free Unsplash stock photos like all their competitors we went for a far more unique and visually striking option: The 4-fold brochure is full of unique illustrations that show the employees, process, products and clients in a truly charming and personal way.